Personal Trainers

Ezidebit does the heavy lifting for PTs

If you’re spending more time filling out paperwork than training your clients, Ezidebit is here to help. Our range of convenient payment options makes it easier for your clients to pay on time, and without all the paperwork. Ideal for businesses on the go, you can manage payments and transfer earnings daily.

Ezidebit works hard for your new business

Regain control over your personal training income with Ezidebit paperless payments. Our web-based software lets you sign up customers using just their email address. With Ezidebit, you can get paid on time, ditch paper invoicing, earn a consistent income and take control of your future.

On time payments make life easier

When your regular training clients are set up to pay with Direct Debit, your training fees are automatically collected and deposited into your bank account on a schedule that suits you. When you’re paid on time, you can plan ahead.

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Saves you time on admin

Time spent on paperwork is either lost earning time or lost lifestyle time for you. Ezidebit saves you time by automatically collecting, reconciling and reporting your training fee payments from every client.

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Work your cash flow harder

Ezidebit allows you to improve your cash flow by creating a consistent income stream. You can shift your regular training clients onto automated recurring payments by email. Once set up, it takes all the guesswork out of your forward planning.

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Make your sessions more affordable

You can break your session packs into smaller, more manageable sizes with Direct Debit. This makes the commitment to more sessions even easier for new clients. You can sign them up using just their email address. And start training and earning that day.

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More flexibility for PTs

Paperless, online and on-the-go payments are the perfect combo for personal trainers who run outdoor sessions or have busy schedules. With Ezidebit your clients can enjoy the added convenience of paying you by Direct Debit, BPAY or straight from your website using E-Commerce.

Direct Debit

Using Direct Debit means you can just set and forget to securely collect payments automatically. Operate with no more paper invoices, no cash exchanged and no late payments. Sign up more clients with smaller weekly fees, instead of bigger lump sums. Use email, in person or paper forms and start earning and training today.

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Ezidebit BPAY is another great way PTs can attract new clients to their business. Apart from being a trusted brand, BPAY allows you to collect larger, one-off payments in advance. Your clients also have the added convenience to pay you from anywhere online, with the funds deposited into your account the next business day.

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With Ezidebit E-Commerce, you can use your business website to sell yourself direct to customers 24/7. Whether it’s merchandise, fitness equipment or your very own health food products, it’s easier to accept online credit card payments securely with Ezidebit.

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Over 16,000 happy businesses

We help grow over 16,000 businesses every day with our cloud payments solution, our customer support, and our innovative new products.

"It probably takes 5 minutes out of my morning. I check it off, press a button and it's gone. Pretty much a guaranteed success that you will have no outstanding debts in your service."
Karen Coyne

General Manager - Morningside OSHC

"We've been an Ezidebit client now for about four years and the synergy in the relationship has just given me confidence in enhancing our processes, growing our cash flow and just knowing day to day exactly where we're at."

Owner - Pure Health Clubs

"Ezidebit creates a totally new income stream for the Association which will facilitate a new and exciting way to support our brigades."
Tracy Flint

Operations Manager - Rural Fire Brigades Association in Queensland

I've still got questions

What is Direct Debit? +

Direct debit allows your business to automatically collect money from your customers’ credit card and bank accounts. Your customer signs an authority that allows you to have direct control over payment for your services. You choose the timing, amount, and frequency of when you are paid.

Can I access my account whenever I need to? +

Yes. Ezidebit Online gives you 24/7 control over your account, allowing you to add, edit and remove information whenever you need to. Ezidebit Online updates all changes in real time. Use it to change customer payment details, add and remove payments, cancel or suspend payments, upload payment files, download comprehensive management reports and view customer payment histories. Ezidebit Online is provided to you at no additional expense.

Can Ezidebit integrate with my management software? +

Yes, our direct debit payment gateway can seamlessly integrate with your management software, allowing your business to set up customer direct debits, amend customer details and automatically update your customer payment records.

How is my money protected? +

All customer payments are deposited into a Trust Account before being transferred directly into your bank account, so you know your income is protected. As an Australian Financial Services Licensee, we are required to have our company independently audited and reviewed every year.

Does Ezidebit have an Australian Financial Services Licence? +

Yes. We were the first direct debit provider licensed by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) as an Australian Financial Services Licensee (AFSL No. 315388).

What other compliance does Ezidebit adhere to? +

Ezidebit is a participating member of the Australian Payments Clearing Association (APCA) and complies with Bulk Electronic Clearing System (BECS) rules and regulations.

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